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Reformation Hope E-Report
April 2013
Clinic Cornerstone

Medical Clinic Cornerstone Laying Celebration
Haitian staff, church members of Souls Winning Ministries, orphanage children, and RHI officers and consultants gathered in La Plaine, Haiti on Friday, March 22nd for a late afternoon, cornerstone-laying service for our new medical clinic. This planned facility will serve thousands of Haitians in the community each year and will employ local personnel. The clinic, recently named Clinique Medicale De Le Reforme, will also serve as a ministry base for visiting mission medical teams throughout the year. The cornerstone-laying ceremony was an important milestone in the construction process and more importantly, allowed us to clearly proclaim our dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ for the success of the project and for the impact it will have upon future generations of Haiti in terms of spiritual as well as physical healing. In order to symbolize the importance of Christ to this project, the cornerstone was inscribed in French with a portion of the verse in Ephesians 2:20:

Jésus Christ lui-même étant la pierre angulaire
Translated: Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone

It is our sincere hope and prayer that everyone who approaches this new medical clinic for care will observe this cornerstone and, if not already a believer, will ask our staff what it means.

Children Harvest First Tomato Crop
Children harvesting tomatoes.
What a wonderful set of pictures we received recently from Pastor Paul! They show the children from our orphanage harvesting the first tomato crop from our farmland. So far, the farm team has been able to harvest three crops from these first tomato plants. In addition, another section of land has been cleared and a new crop of yuca (cassava) has been planted. The root of this plant is used in Haiti to make flour for cooking. Our crops will be sold to vendors, who then sell the carbohydrate-rich tubers to customers in the open market. In order to better protect this crop and future plantings, the fencing around the farmland has also been upgraded with taller posts, strong barbed wire, and some added layers of thorn bushes. It is hoped that this will eliminate the persistent intrusions of hungry goats, cows, horses, and donkeys who roam the surrounding land.

New Challenge: Tougher Orphanage Standards Enacted in Haiti
Recently a team of inspectors from the Haitian social services department paid a visit to our orphanage facility. While the official visitors were impressed with the improvements made to our orphanage over the past year (especially the beautiful new kitchen), they also shared some rather challenging news. The Haitian government has adopted the new orphanage standards created by the Hague in the Netherlands and have incorporated some UNICEF guidelines as well. The trouble is that these guidelines, if not met within a year's time, could lead to the closing — or at least significant reduction in occupancy — of our orphanage. Obviously as an organization RHI is committed to stand beside Pastor Paul in continuing the orphanage ministry. It has become necessary to explore the construction of an entirely new orphanage building to house our children in accord with these new guidelines. The Reformation Hope board will be taking up this important matter during our April meeting and establishing a fund for the improved orphanage. Although we are properly concerned, we also place our trust in God our Provider, who we believe we empower us to meet this challenge.

We are calling on all our partners to help us raise a $400,000 Operation Orphanage fund to design and build a new, compliant facility for our children.

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