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Reformation Hope E-Report
July 2013

Souls Winning Ministries and Reformation Hope Celebrate Third Anniversary of Rebuilding Dedication
Third Anniversary of Rebuilding after EarthquakeOn Sunday, June 30th, the brothers and sisters of Souls Winning Ministries celebrated the third anniversary of the dedication of the rebuilt school and the new church building. The joyous event began with a big parade, which has already become an important tradition connected with this annual event. Groups of pastors, boy and girl scouts, choirs, church members, and a full marching band joined together in the procession, which began on the site of the new medical clinic and ended at the steps of the beautiful church sanctuary. Many local community members lined the parade route, watching intently as the jubilant parade trooped down the same street that was once used by the Voodoo priests for their dark, ritualistic processions. There was no mistaking the message Pastor Paul and his congregation were sending to the people of Marin/La Plaine. King Jesus is stronger than Voodoo. The kingdom of God has replaced the kingdom of darkness in this area.

After the parade arrived at the church, the participants filed into the sanctuary for a four-hour worship service. The building resounded with the praises of God in many beautiful hymns and choruses. Visiting churches contributed the musical offerings of their own choirs as well. The children of the orphanage filled the platform and sung of the glory and salvation of God to the great excitement of everyone in attendance. Pastor Paul acknowledged the faithful contributions of the local police officers in helping secure the ministry. Five new deacons were also ordained for the ministry of the church. And to his surprise, Pastor Paul was awarded a plaque of honor and merit from his entire congregation. Executive Director Martin Hawley preached the sermon, entitled, "Repent and Believe the Gospel, or Perish."

After the worship service, more than 2,000 people were fed chicken dinners. For many, this was the highlight of their daily meals for some time. The leadership team of Souls Winning, along with the Haitian guest pastors and Jean's family, were treated to a big feast and the atmosphere was so full of the spirit of joy in Christ that it seemed to everyone there as though it was a little sample of the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.


Architect's Rendering of CompoundFuture Orphanage Planning
Two weeks ago, Architect Perry Poyner from Omaha, Nebraska, surveyed our new compound building site and conferred with Pastor Paul and with RHI's executive director as to the projected needs for the Haiti ministry. The results of the RHI board's strategic planning meeting were shared with Mr. Poyner, and Jean Paul explained his vision for a new orphanage. Perry provided RHI with a preliminary sketch of a concept for a new orphanage and guest house for the property which would meet all the UN childcare requirements now imposed by the Haitian government. We hope to have fully developed architectural plans for a four-phase development plan within the next 60 days. Please prayerfully consider an investment in our vision for a new facility for our children.

As an aside, until the new orphanage is completed, the Souls Winning goat farm is being housed on the open land. There are now 15 goats in the growing herd.


Plantain and CassavaHarvest of Hope Update
RHI's farming project is making some small steps forward. As you can see from the photos, Pastor Paul's farm team now has a larger area of land under cultivation. The primary crops currently in the field are cassava (yuka) and plantains. Both of these crops, when mature, will provide highly profitable commodities for raising revenue for the ministry. David Youssi, president of Irrigation Without Borders, is planning his primary trip to the farm site in August in order to put the SMART irrigation system into place and train the farm team on its operation and maintenance. The fencing around the farm site has been upgraded, although we believe even more must be done to further secure the crops from roaming animals.

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