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Reformation Hope E-Report
October 2013

God Delivers Us From Violent Clash Over Farmland
Vandalized Farm LandAt the beginning of October, on a rain-swept Friday, our farm team in Marin took the day off from installing the new irrigation system at Harvest of Hope. While they were away from the land, a group of local villagers, armed with sledgehammers, machetes, and small trucks, severely damaged our fencing, as well as the fencing and a building belonging to our larger neighbor, WINNER (an NGO doing agriculture development in Haiti). It seems there is a contract dispute between WINNER and the local farmers about whether or not HASCO (Haitian-American Sugarcane Company) has the right to lease the farmland to WINNER and to Souls Winning. The locals are upset as well because due to all the acreage coming under fencing, they can no longer freely range their livestock.

Just a few days later— on Monday the following week— Director Hawley was at the farm-site in the afternoon with Pastor Paul and they were warned to leave the area by a supervisor employed by WINNER. He advised Jean that there was going to be more conflict over the land at any time. Pastor Paul and Director Hawley left the farmland soon after. It was later announced on Haitian radio that around 3 p.m., armed conflict broke-out between groups supporting WINNER and groups involved with the villagers. Official reports put the casualties at six dead and 14 wounded.

While we mourn the shedding of blood over the rights to this land, we give much thanks and praise to God for His clear hand of protection— both for our farm team and for Pastor Paul, Branden Youssi, and Director Hawley. Please pray that there is no further violence and that this dispute can now be properly resolved through arbitration and the Haitian legal system.

CustomsRecent Container of Building Materials Clears Haitian Customs
The container full of donated building materials for the new medical clinic arrived safely in Haiti on schedule in September. We watched the Haitian customs officials unload and inventory the shipment in order to evaluate it for import duties. By God's grace only one item was damaged in shipping (a sink basin) and nothing was missing or stolen from the container. Because the load contained some very valuable solid wooden doors, high-quality hurricane-rated windows, and premium UV-protectant roof sealer, we were assessed $12,800 in customs fees for the container. Haitian customs have delivered all our items to the medical clinic compound and they are being installed in excited anticipation of the future grand opening of the clinic.

Anonymous Donor Provides for New Orphanage Facilities
After hearing about the need for our children to have healthier and more private bathrooms and showers, an anonymous donor has provided more than $20,000 to build new bathrooms and showers for our orphanage in La Plaine. Thanks be to God for His provision and for raising up this wonderful ministry partner!

The Ups and Downs of Third World Missions:
September and October with RHI in Haiti
By Executive Director Martin Hawley

Many of you know that I have made two recent trips to Haiti— one planned and the other, well, not so planned. Both trips brought to mind three things about doing ministry in a place like Haiti: the highs, the lows, and the ever-present help and provision of our mighty God. The Lord so frequently blesses our work with Pastor Jean Paul and the people of Marin, Haiti that we often forget that we are indeed wrestling against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12b). But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! (1 Corinthians 15:57) Check out my full report of recent highs and lows at

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