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Reformation Hope E-Report
July 2014

Fourth Anniversary Event A Huge Church Family Celebration

On Sunday June 29th, our Haitian church family gathered for a wonderful celebration marking the fourth anniversary of the rebuilding following the devastating January 2010 earthquake. This year's event began with the official ribbon cutting for the new medical clinic. The annual parade assembled at the medical clinic compound and after the dedication ceremonies there, the procession took to the streets of Marin, Haiti, proclaiming all along the route the great goodness and power of God in Jesus Christ.

The parade, which included a marching band, choirs from other churches, guest Haitian pastors, and visiting Reformation Hope partners, was a living testimony to the transforming power of the Gospel in Haiti. The triumphant procession of hundreds of church members ended at the steps of the main church in the old compound. An amazing service of worship was the highlight of the big day, which featured the orphanage children's choir, several church plant singing groups, recognition ceremonies for local police, church officers, and friends of Reformation Hope. Rev. Martin Hawley preached the sermon from Revelation 3:7 – 13 concerning the church in Philadelphia.

After the joyful three hours of worship, everyone gathered together in the dining hall and outside the church for the annual fellowship meal, which included anyone from the Marin community who attended the worship service. More than 1,000 men, women, and children received a chicken dinner with all the Haitian trimmings and rejoiced together in the abundant provision of God. Many thanks to our faithful ministry partners such as Intervision Foods, who make it possible for us to reach out and to serve so many who come to the annual celebration and feast!


Concrete Blocks CuringNew Orphanage Facility One Step Closer—Will You Help?

Recently the Reformation Hope board approved plans to proceed with the production of 20,000 concrete blocks which will serve as the primary construction component for our new 100 child capacity orphanage project. Our block-making business was awarded this contract and its employees are working feverishly to create this massive stockpile of high-quality block.

But we need your help if these 20,000 blocks are going to be transformed from a heap of bricks into welcoming home for our Haitian children. For a donation of just $50, you will place on block into the future new orphanage. $500 installs 10 blocks, and so on, until we have fit together and reinforced some 20,000 blocks into the boys' and girls' new home. Please help us achieve this vision for a brighter, safer, bigger, more beautiful haven for our orphans. All donors of $50 or more will have their names included in a registry to be displayed along the hallways of the new facility to remind our children of the many Reformation Hope partners who love and pray for them on a regular basis.

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Clinique Médicale de la Réforme Officially Open!

Ribbon Cutting for Clinic
Cutting the ribbon were Dr. Bourdes (our Haitian physician), Dr. Wiley Smith and Dr. Richard Kennedy (our U.S. medical consultants), and RN Fabienne Goutier (our clinic administrator).

We are excited and thankful to the Lord to announce that the new medical clinic in Marin officially opened its doors on Monday, June 30th, the day after the ribbon-cutting ceremony. This clinic represents accessible and affordable quality medical care for the people of the Marin community as well as for our children and local church members. Officials from the Haitian health services and medical professionals from other facilities have been impressed with the size and the quality of this new clinic. The Clinique Médicale de la Réforme offers improved capacity and diagnostic resources for future medical mission teams and may also be used as part of a developing telemedicine network, providing advanced diagnosis with the help of assisting physicians in the U.S. The clinic will provide pastoral care as well as medical evaluation and treatment, ensuring that this ministry of mercy attends to the souls of its patients, as well as their bodies.

He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the sojourner, giving him food and clothing. Deuteronomy 10:18

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