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Future Projects

Reformation Hope, Inc. is committed to engage in projects which offer the promise of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, demonstrated through the provision of human, financial, and material resources to those in need. Our project priorities with respect to strategic commitments are guided by the stated purposes of our corporate articles, which include the following declaration:

The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, literary, scientific, and religious purposes including, but not limited to, assistance to underprivileged orphans and other needy individuals by providing food, clean water, clothing, education, healthcare, and vocational assistance, by furthering economic development in depressed areas, by fostering spiritual and character development, by building orphanages, medical clinics, shelters, housing, schools, and otherwise providing assistance to families.

Our desire is to plant more churches throughout Haiti, partner with MTW (Mission to the World) and others to organize a Presbyterian Church of Haiti, to expand our Bible college, increase micro-finance investments, and battle infant mortality through our medical clinic and in partnership with the new Bethesda Teaching Hospital, which will be opening soon.

While our current projects are limited in scope to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, we envision future project opportunities in other disadvantaged areas as the Lord may guide and the needs be shown to be a good fit with our corporate mission and vision.