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AcademieReformation Hope has partnered with Reformation D'Espoir D'Haiti to provide essential theological training to the up and coming generation of pastors in Haiti through the development of a Bible college in Marin, located on the new compound, which also houses the medical clinic, orphanage, guesthouse, and restaurant. Through the investments of many of our ministry partners, the students now have access to a fairly extensive library, with works in English and in French. Classes are held in a two-week intensives format, which allows the college to bring in a diverse collection of professors from the U.S. to teach classes, as well as instruction provided by Rev. Paul and other qualified Haitians.

The Bible college recently celebrated the graduation of its first class of students, numbering 21 Bachelor of Divinity and Bachelor of Theology degree recipients. We give thanks to God for the excellent work of these first students and for their achievement in finishing their degrees. And we look forward to their labors throughout Haiti in the churches to which they have been called to serve. The five top students from this first graduating class, will begin Master of Divinity studies this summer with a view to developing them into future professors for the school, so that it will truly be an indigenous institution.

Our goal at present is to begin the second class of 10 – 20 students this summer and continue to multiply the number of well-prepared pastors and teachers working in Haiti. However, in order to begin a new class of students, we need your support. It takes approximately $1,000 per year per student for a total of 3 ½ years to complete the program. We are seeking sponsors for these students and ask you or your church to consider sponsoring one student all the way through their studies, $1,000 per year or $3,500 in total, and supporting them with prayers and encouragement. The reason for the cost is primarily that the Haitians must work every day in order to be able to have food for themselves and their families. Further, they must often pay for their transportation from far away to attend the Bible college. Therefore, we provide our students with $10 per day while they are attending their classes.

Won't you sponsor one of our students, and invest in a new generation of faithful young pastors who will in time transform Haiti with the Gospel of Jesus? To sponsor a Bible college student, click here.

Bible college students Students at the Academie
First Class of Graduates