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Haiti Micro Enterprises

Reformation D’Espoir D’Haiti Micro Finance Program

Another ministry focus of Reformation D'Espoir D'Haiti is the support of micro-enterprises. Pastor Jean Paul oversees this program, which provides up to $500 in initial capitalization loan money for qualified small business start-ups. Borrowers receive business planning advice and careful instruction on financial budgeting as a part of their loan, which must be fully repaid.

Those program participants, who are successful and faithful in repaying their loans, have the opportunity to borrow additional funds in order to grow or diversify their small business ventures in Haiti. Several small business owners have already completed the start-up portion of this program and have fully repaid their loans.

We agree with Jean Paul that the micro-enterprise development component of his mission is crucial for the long-term stability and economic mobility of the younger generations of Haitians. It is our hope that we will be able to assist Jean Paul in his vision for a brighter economic future through the funding of these independent small business endeavors. Thus far, business sectors have included fast food, convenience store, and public transport—all very necessary and profitable sectors in Haiti.

Our greatest need in moving forward with the aspect of ministry in Haiti is both funding and entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur mentoring partners for those desiring to start-up a new business. If you would like to get involved in this important work, please contact us by phone: 404-771-9180, or email at: