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Mission Trip To Haiti Travelogue

By: Rev. Martin Hawley

Day 2 in Country — Sunday, October 26, 2008:


This is our second report for the Haiti Mission Trip. Today we rose early and enjoyed authentic Haitian breakfasts in the restaurant located within our hotel compound. Mine happened to be an "omelet Creole", which consisted of eggs, goat cheese, ham, and some seasoning that was excellent, but which I also could not identify!

During breakfast I met a Haitian named Jean who lives in Palm Beach, Florida ten months out of the year. He operates a Haitian-language radio station called "Unite'" and is in-country here the other two months. He was impressed with our mission and with our Reformation Hope, Inc. website. Jean is a political associate of the previous President, Jean Bertrand Aristide, who is now in South Africa.

Jean Paul arrived to pick us up around 9:25 and we made our way over to the Souls Winning compound for morning worship after a quick stop for much needed bottled water. The service began with a thank you ceremony for three of the local police officers who came stood guard at the compound during the terrible riots and then the hurricane flooding. The certificates of thank you were presented to the officers by David W., our newest mission participant, who is an FDA Federal Law Enforcement Officer.

After the officers were thanked, we began full worship with French and Creole hymns, prayers, and the reading of Scripture. The second major event for the service today was the ordination of 14 deacons and 3 ruling elders to support Jean Paul and the work at Souls Winning. It was my task to read the vows to these men and then to do 'charges' or exhortations to both groups about what their offices required of them. We also layed hand on the brothers while Jean Paul prayed for them. Jim Carmichael concluded the ordination portion by charging the congregation of their responsibilities to the new officers.

Following the offering and some choral music, Rev. Alan Lutz preached a great sermon to the assembly concerning the glory of God — "Soli Deo Gloria." Our service concluded with a hymn, prayer, and blessing, with Alan closing the service with a benediction. Following the end of the service, the attendees each received a full meal, which was most welcome and likely the best meal of the week for many of them.

After a brief tour of the building construction progress, Jean Paul returned us to the Palm Inn Hotel in order to prepare fro our next day's teaching and preaching. Tomorrow will also feature a full meeting concerning the status of construction on the school. We pray that the Lord is continually blessing you all as you receive these updates. We will continue to keep you posted! Thanks for the prayers!



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