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Mission Trip To Haiti Travelogue

By: Rev. Martin Hawley

Wednesday, September 15, 2010:

Haitian man drives tractor.

On Wednesday, we waited at the hotel for Jean to arrive. We did not see him until just before noon, as that morning our second Reformation Hope mission team was arriving. This team specifically came to prepare the farm equipment and to train the Haitian agriculture team on the operation and daily maintenance of the tractors. Lead by pastor Gef Ganey, this team included Wes Richardson (from Midway), and three other men experienced with tractors and other machinery. In addition, Linda Maphet, wife of TE John Maphet (who works with Ted and Bob Lester at the Woodstock church plant) came along to teach the children arts and crafts. The newly arrived team was already suffering, as were we, from the excessive heat and humidity — which was very high even by Haitian standards (99 degrees with high humidity — heat index of 107).

All of us proceeded to the compound for the afternoon and labored to remove all of the farm equipment from the trailers. It was quite a task for the farm team to extricate the first tractor from the opening of the container. There were some problems with the hydraulics issues with the front-end loader. Finally, a local Haitian man came by experienced with tractors, who somewhat 'forced' the front of the tractor — stuck in the opening due to the front-end loader attached to it — and freed it from its storage place. As the men of the agriculture team removed the remaining equipment and began maintenancing the tractors, Seth and I began recording the work of the medical team and Linda's projects engaging the orphans. That night, all of the teams in Haiti shared a dinner together with Jean Paul in the new school building. This was a milestone event in the history of our ministry in Haiti as it marked the largest number of Americans working together on the compound in all its history so far.

Teams share a meal. Girl gets her eyes examined. Young woman with a basket of produce on her head.


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