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Mission Trip To Haiti Travelogue

By: Rev. Martin Hawley

Friday, September 17, 2010:

Orphans watching the unloading of the tractor equipment.

Friday morning we arose early and hurried to the Toussaint L'Ouverture airport for our flight into Miami. Although my trip ended on Friday the 17th, the work of the ministry in Haiti has barely begun! I have returned with so much more to do here in the U.S. in order to gather support for the growing number of projects which the Lord is pleased to be bringing our way. Let me conclude this report by providing you with a list of these important kingdom project items for your prayers, your input, and your support:

  • Our Harvest of Hope agriculture project continues to need a water pump and much pvc pipe for the irrigation of the fields (estimated $15,000)
  • The Harvest of Hope project also requires funding for the 100 lb bags of seed which will be needed ($5,000)
  • Jean needs a much larger generator to power the cooling fans and the power tools for our the many mission teams now going to our compound ($20,000)
  • The ministry needs a small used SUV (in very sound condition) which can be used in reducing wear and tear on the large van we currently have ($10,000)
  • The water treatment system needs a concrete tank and liner, which will insure long-term use and available water for the neighborhood ($10,000)
  • Our orphans need to have a pavilion constructed so that they can take their meals properly, rather than eating on the ground and out in the weather ($10,000)
  • The orphans would greatly benefit (as would the mission teams) from a proper and more sanitary kitchen for food preparation, with a propane stove and a refrigerator ($50,000)

The Lord is doing amazing things in Haiti, and now expanding the work of the Gospel into the Dominican Republic. As He does so the work does not lessen, but in fact increases. Our Reformation Hope team continues to need your prayers and your support as we enter into the next phase of bringing the Gospel and bringing real transformation to the people of Haiti. May the Lord continue to bless all of you, even as He blesses the mission in Haiti.

Haitian man proudly poses next to tractor. Woman getting treatment at the compound. Older woman sitting on ground.


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