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Reformation Hope E-Report
July 2011

Some Haitians Do Have a Vision for
What a Bright Future Can Be!

from Rev. Martin Hawley

School Families
Photos, from left to right: Kenipheca Louis, Leipha Mercius with mother Beatrice, Angelle Djhuliana, Eva Glhaina with mother Guilene.

Alan Lutz and I just returned from a one week trip to Haiti. Of special significance to me this trip was reconnecting with the cleaning ladies I met two years ago at the Palm Hotel. You might remember that while spending a day there back in 2009 I met Beatrice and Guilene, two women who clean the little hotel each day. These ladies approached me with a request. Unlike many poor Haitians, they did not ask for money. To my amazement they asked if I could manage to bring their children into our school in La Plaine. Their concern was for the future of their children. I was so taken aback by this long-term thinking on the part of these two mothers that I conferred with Pastor Jean. By the grace of the Lord, we were able to bring these children into our school. And in order to make all this work out, the mothers actually had to endure the hardship of moving from half-way across the urban area to a place near our school and compound. This trip was the first I had seen of these two wonderful mothers since 2009. They came to the compound to thank me for helping them get their children into our school. I can tell you that the blessing that day was more mine than theirs!

ParadeCelebrating One Year Anniversary of Earthquake Rebuilding

About 1,500 brothers and sisters joined together in celebrating the one year anniversary of the dedication of our new church and school in La Plaine. On Sunday morning, June 26th, at 9:30 a.m., Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, a marching band, many area pastors, and a crowd of church members and community leaders gathered into formation and joyfully paraded from the main soccer field down the street to our compound. Once everyone arrived for the happy occasion, we glorified God and rejoiced in His grace and provision with a 3 1/2 hour worship service. Three elders and three deacons were ordained, and both Alan and I preached while Pastor Jean translated as necessary. What a time of fellowship in Christ we enjoyed after the worship, as everyone remained together at the compound for what was truly an agape meal — a feast of love in the Lord!

Indigenous Pastor Training Focuses on Worship


This trip we had the privilege again of meeting with the Haitian pastors and theology students Jean works with each week. Our purpose was to offer them a seminar in biblical worship. There was a great deal more interaction during this seminar and we concluded the training with a group project in which the participants worked together in designing worship services around specific Scripture passages. The pastor training in worship was a wonderful fit with our preaching on Thursday and Friday nights as part of evangelistic worship services.

We Need Your Help!
We try not to make our monthly e-reports only about investment appeals for important projects, but in Haiti things seem to break down frequently! We currently have two immediate needs for help. The first is that our long-time, fifteen-passenger ministry van has broken down and needs a new transmission. We can replace the transmission with a rebuilt one from the Dominican Republic for about $2,500. The van is important to our ministry work as a means to convey short-term ministry teams from place to place while they serve our mission in Haiti. The second need we have is that the chlorinator for our well and water tank system has broken. In order to get this up and running again for the benefit of our children and our Haitian neighbors, we need about $500. If you would like to invest in either of these immediate need projects, please visit our website at, or contact Rev. Martin Hawley at:


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