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Reformation Hope E-Report
January 2012

A Thank You for 2011 and
Looking Ahead in 2012

Rev. Jean Paul

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. Glory to Jesus our King and Savior! This is a brief thanks to all of you for supporting us for many years in the past, and especially in 2011. It has been very challenging in Haiti and the Dominican Republic and it still is. By the grace of the Lord, you have being very faithful in your love and support, but the situation remains as challenging as before. Together, we have accomplished much. We have a viable restaurant with 24 employees with increasing revenue. We have a concrete construction block-making company about to start-up that will employ 12 more people. We had a good school year with our children, and our church network has grown by thousands. But, this new year 2012 will be even more challenging as we seek to follow King Jesus and work together in building His kingdom. We thank you, and yet we need you even more. We pray that God will bless you and keep you for His glory, and continue to use you to change lives in Haiti and in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to you so very much again. We give praise and thanks to God Most High for you!

fireworksNew Professions of Faith Mark Christmas Eve Services in La Plaine!

Pastor Paul held the annual Christmas Eve evangelistic services at the compound in La Plaine, which lasted well into the wee hours of Christmas Day to close out 2011. These readings and retellings of the birth of Jesus Christ and His offer of the gospel of eternal salvation through faith alone are presented by Pastor Paul and his ministry team in a rather unique and creative way. Jean provides an extremely large fireworks display late into this night of services as an accompaniment to the gospel account about Jesus. When asked how this works, Jean replied, "We do not tell all of Jesus' story and then have the fireworks, or the visitors and passers-by would simply come after the gospel presentation. And we do not have the fireworks display and then preach about Jesus and eternal salvation because then many attenders would come just for the fireworks and then leave. Instead, we tell some of the story of Jesus' coming and His salvation and then we shoot-off part of the fireworks. Then we tell more of the free offer of the gospel, followed by some more of the fireworks. We do this for several hours and do not finish until 1 or 2 in the morning of Christmas. This year we had more than 50 confessions of faith in Jesus Christ during our Christmas Eve services and celebration!"

2011: A Year of God's Amazing Grace and Provision on Display

God accomplished many things with Reformation Hope and through you, our partners in 2011. By God’s grace we were able to launch the new restaurant project, American-style Fried Chicken, which employs 24 Haitian men and women, providing for their families, extended families, and helping them with resources to further their educations. The restaurant has now reached the break-even stage of revenue versus expenses and is expected to be operating in the black in this new year. Many of you have given to our goat and farm project, which we expect to launch early in 2012. Our micro-finance initiative got underway in 2011 as we partnered with Zafèn and one start-up business has already been expanded through this program. There are 12 other entrepreneurs in the training and development phase, awaiting funding in 2012. Our friends at RUF raised the funds last May to empower Pastor Paul to launch another business, making construction blocks, early in this year which will employ up to 12 people. Although our ministry van was destroyed by fire in late summer of 2011, God provided a even better replacement through a friend of our ministry and we should be receiving delivery of this wonderful gift early in this new year.

Several new churches, organizations, and individual partners have joined our team or increased their involvement in 2011, including HDS Vans and Mobility; RDA Systems; Irrigation Without Borders; Young-Meadows Presbyterian Church of Montgomery, Alabama; Church of the Messiah in Canton, Georgia; Pacific Crossroads Church in Santa Monica, California; Mullins Presbyterian Church in South Carolina; The New Presbyterian Church, Pompano Beach, Florida; Renewal Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Christ Covenant Church in Woodstock, Georgia; Grace Church in Rochester, New York; and Grace Church in Canton, Georgia.

And 2011 also brought us the formation of the North American Haiti Partnership, a new organization RHI has been involved with from the very beginning. The NAHP was formed to connect individuals and churches interested in mission and service in Haiti with worthy projects and needs, while also providing advice and assistance in getting involved in this huge field of ministry opportunity.

Main Projects for 2012

RHI has designated the following projects top priority for the new year. We encourage you to prayerfully consider supporting one or more of these critical initiatives in 2012:

1. The launch of Harvest of Hope — agriculture project for feeding our orphans, raising capital for the mission, and with micro-finance features.

2. The construction of a kitchen building at the compound — this is needed for improved nutrition and sanitation. Church of the Messiah is working hard to raise the funds for the needed appliances and equipment. What is needed is funding for construction of the empty building.

3. Building, installation, and painting of a pastors' library — a resource center for Pastor Paul, his ministry staff, and all of the Haitian pastors and church leaders he trains.

4. Acquisition of two large diesel generators — a generator is needed for the orphanage/school compound, and one is needed to improve the efficiency and lighting at the restaurant.

5. Acquisition of a public address system — this is needed for an evangelistic outreach to one of the largest tent cities remaining in Haiti.

Urgently Needed in 2012

Do you have a reliable used vehicle you were thinking of donating to charity? Pastor Paul's family in the United States often face transportation and logistical difficulties while Jean is serving in Haiti. His wife, son, and two younger daughters attempt to manage work, school, and extra-curricular activities using one vehicle and the availability of relatives' cars when necessary. Our ministry would like to assist Jean's family in reducing the burden and time inefficiencies of the current situation. If you would like to donate a car, pick-up, van, or suv that still runs reliably, we would like to talk with you about helping our dear pastor's family.

Op Christmas Child

One last thank you for 2011 is due to our partner churches who created Christmas gift packages for our Haitian orphans, staff and Boy Scouts. Many thanks to Cherokee Presbyterian, Grace Presbyterian, Young-Meadows Presbyterian, and Smyrna Presbyterian Churches!


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