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Reformation Hope E-Report
June 2012

Update on RHI Ministry Projects:
God's Abundant Provision!

Children at Souls Winning Ministries' orphanage

Please Partner With Us!
This time of year is of course the most challenging for ministries like ours, which must continue to fund basic ongoing programs such as the orphanage food and staffing ministries. Your support at this time during the summer would mean so much to our children and the staff in Haiti who serve and care for them. The designated programs listed in this report are available for partner support as well. If you would like to support our ministry at this time, please mail a check to Reformation Hope, 4101 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta, Georgia 30066 or give through our PayPal link below.

The New Bus from HDS Vans and Mobility Is in Haiti
We have been notified by Pastor Paul that the large handicapped-equipped bus generously provided by Michael Dresdner and HDS Vans and Mobility has finally cleared customs in Haiti. We expect to have the bus turned over to the Souls Winning ministry in Haiti by June 18th. What a tremendous addition this represents for our ministry and our community outreach, not to mention for the safety and comfort of missions teams while in-country. Many, many thanks yet again to Michael and his team at HDS Vans and Mobility.

New Orphanage Kitchen and Dining Hall Set to Open This Month
Many of you have been asking about the progress of our Church of the Messiah sponsored kitchen and dining hall project. By the grace of God we expect to have the grand opening of this new up-to-date facility during our annual celebration of the anniversary of the dedication of our new church and school following the devastating earthquake of 2010. This means that by Sunday, June 24th, we expect to be serving the children and staff using the new space which God has provided. We hope to have pictures to share with you from this event for our July Ref Hope Report.

Farm LandHarvest of Hope Agriculture Project Going Forward!
Now that the heavy season of rains has finally stopped and the ground is drying, our farm team is anxious to get going on the plowing and then the planting of our first crops on the 24-acre farmland plot near our La Plaine compound. A team from Smyrna Presbyterian Church and from Mullins Presbyterian Church, as well as a team from Mission to the World, have been helping get the tractors prepared and the farm laborer team trained for this next big step. Please pray for God's blessing on our fields, that they will be exceedingly fruitful and abundant and will yield a rich harvest to feed our children and the Haitians in our community of faith.

Telehealth Medical Clinic Update
Our largest new project consists of the development of a new medical clinic designed to serve the communities of La Plaine and Marin which surround our ministry compound. By God's grace, we have received a large funding commitment from The Invisible Hand Foundation and also have assembled a team of committed doctors and medical technologists to help us design and build this new clinic to impact the lives of Haitians in our sphere of ministry. Reports from Haiti indicate that the largest numbers of conversions from encountering Jesus in the Gospel take place in medical and medical mission settings. May the Lord bless this project as it moves in stages toward full operation over the coming 12 to 18 months.

Reformation Hope Announces New Church Partnership
RHI is pleased to announce that according to God's grace and the compassion of His servants at Young Meadows Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, Alabama, YMPC has designated Reformation Hope and our work in Haiti as one of its partner missions for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. While all of the numbers are not finalized as of this article, we are delighted and give thanks to God for bringing this missional church on-board with us in an ongoing commitment. You may remember that Young Meadows was instrumental in helping us get a sports ministry going at our La Plaine compound and also assisted Church of the Messiah in the completion of our funding for the new orphanage kitchen and dining hall. We look forward to a growing partnership in the years ahead with our brothers and sisters from Young Meadows!

Irrigation Plans for Farmland
Reformation Hope is pleased to report that through the generosity of Colonial Pipeline Company and the efforts of Denise Kirk, we have received a $1,000 investment for the orphanage in La Plaine, Haiti. Thank you to Denise and everyone at Colonial Pipeline who made this substantial gift possible!


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