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Reformation Hope E-Report
September 2012

Pastor Paul's Update on Tropical Storm Isaac Aftermath

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Hurricane IsaacPeace and grace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to thank all of you brothers and sisters for your prayers. We came out pretty safely compared to some of the people in the flood areas and all of our children are safe. Jacmel--our new working area--took the brunt of the storm as this is where Isaac made landfall. Our brothers and sisters in Jacmel experienced very heavy flooding and farm losses. Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti regardless of where they are located. We had our worship service on the Sunday immediately after Isaac passed through. It was some how more emotional, for some of the people lost all they had even though they did not have that much to begin with. Jesus is in control and His mercy endures forever. We thank you again for your devotion in serving the Lord and all that you have done to support the glorification of Jesus Christ in Haiti. The Lord is with you now and always. In Him. Jean Paul.

New Church in Jacmel:
An Open Door for the Gospel in the Southern Haitian Peninsula
Southern Peninsula of HaitiPastor Paul has relocated his Timothy student pastor Charlot to the historic southern Haitian coastal town of Jacmel. You may remember from our last issue of the Ref Hope Report that Jean's team traveled to Jacmel and held a series of evangelistic services. God blessed their ministry to the people with 73 conversions to faith in Christ. He also blessed their labors with a gathering of 200 people interested in forming a new church. Charlot and his family have now moved into Jacmel. However, Charlot needs help with securing permanent housing for himself and his family, as well as some ongoing support for food and for the church. Reformation Hope is pleased to support Pastor Charlot and new work God has raised up in Jacmel. And yet our resources are stretched stateside due to a lower giving cycle during the summer months. We need $2,500 in order to get Charlot fully settled and provided for in this initial phase. Also, RHI recently approved our 2013 budget, which by faith includes an additional $2,000 per month to help sustain this new church work while it gets going. We are asking our regular partners as well as potential partners who receive this newsletter, to prayerfully consider responding to this kingdom opportunity through a regular giving commitment or one-time offerings for the new work in Jacmel.

Harvest of Hope Gets Boost From Irrigation Without Borders
Pastors Jean Paul and Alan Lutz survey the farm land. They are standing beside the shared access road that requires fencing.

Many of you have been asking about progress on our long-anticipated agriculture project. One of the difficulties our farm team faced was the threat of open-grazing goats, cows, and horses in the immediate area of the planned crop zone. The farm team created huge water-filled ditches along three sides of the acreage, but could not protect the fourth side in this way because it is bordered by the shared access road to the entire area. Planners determined that a fence would be necessary to protect the crops from being destroyed by grazing animals. The fence envisioned is to be constructed of three strands of wire staked to a series of fence posts the length of the shared roadway side, with the middle wire on the fence carrying a small electric current. Also, it was determined that the property must have someone on-site 24 hours a day. Thanks to a generous gift from Irrigation Without Borders, a partner with us in the farming project, Jean's team now has the necessary funds to purchase the fencing materials as well as construct a small shelter for members of the farm team to occupy at night. Many thanks to David Youssi, president of Irrigation Without Borders, for his leadership in moving this project forward through his generous investment!

Medical Clinic Big Focus for 2013
Our telehealth medical ministry project is now moving to phase two, which is the construction of a wall and gate enclosure for the medical facility site. Thanks to the Invisible Hand Foundation, RHI now has the funds to proceed with building the wall beginning this month. We hope to have construction of this phase completed by November, when our focus will shift to preparing and excavating the ground for the clinic's foundation. Our target for main building construction start-up is February of 2013. And thanks to our medical advisory team, who have provided us with access to the architectural plans for a recently completed clinic in Honduras which will serve well as the basis for our own clinic in Haiti. God willing, our telehealth clinic will be up and serving the people of La Plaine and Marin, Haiti by late summer of 2013.

Change for ChangeChildren Contribute Change for Change in Haiti
The children of Christ Presbyterian Church in Marietta, Georgia have just concluded their Change for Change in Haiti effort. This was conducted by the children's Sunday school class. These children have great love and compassion for the orphans cared for by Jean Paul. The kingdom children of CPC raised just over $325 to help the children of Haiti! RHI sends a big "thank you" to each and every one of these caring children for reaching out to the least of these with the love Jesus Christ. Pictured: A few of the children with their Change for Change in Haiti collection jug.


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