Giving Needed to Build Jacmel Church Facility

We have reported to you previously the urgent need of the congregation in Jacmel, on the southern coast of Haiti, for funding to build the multi-purpose church-school-parsonage on the land Souls Winning Ministries now owns on the main coastal highway. Overcrowding continues to worsen at the present place of worship for this congregation, which is in a local carpenter’s home. There is room for no more than 50 people to gather inside, and so some 200 persons must stand or sit outside in the field in order to participate in the worship services. In order for this church to flourish and to reduce the tension over inadequate meeting space, Souls Winning needs at least $100,000 in order to construct enough of the new building to be able to relocate their services of worship to their new site. The total needed for the completion of this entire project is approximately $500,000. However, as Pastor Paul reports, even achieving $100,000 will allow the central core of the building to be constructed and the congregation to begin worship. Please consider an investment in this key project, which Jean Paul has identified as the first and foremost goal for 2019.
The southern coastal city of Jacmel is a long-time Voodoo center and is also a historical, and resort area, featuring marvelous sandy beaches and some old colonial buildings. It is a destination city for the small percentage of Haitians with disposable incomes who want a weekend or short vacation without leaving Haiti. Jacmel and its neighboring town of Cayes-de-Jacmel are also popular with Canadian and French visitors to the island. This area is a strategic opportunity for Souls Winning Ministries and Reformation Hope. As we are able to construct our multi-purpose building on the site along Route Départementale 41 facing the Caribbean Sea, the location will serve as the southern regional headquarters for Souls Winning Ministries’ mission to Haiti and potentially a satellite campus for the Bible college. Once established in their own facility, we also believe that God will substantially grow the current congregation, which has already multiplied far beyond its present location’s capacity.