Support a Bible College Student

Reformation Hope partners with Souls Winning Ministries in operating a Bible College in Marin, Haiti for the expressed purpose of raising up a new generation of biblically-trained pastors and teachers, who will bring the light of the Gospel and the power of King Jesus to transform the nation of Haiti.

The Académie Théologique de la Réforme now operates at the main Souls Winning compound in Marin and has already graduated its first class of 20 Bachelor of Divinity students. The newest class of 20 students is set to begin their program in June 2018 and the professors will be assisted in their teaching by the top three graduates from the previous class, who will now be working toward their Masters degrees.

The Bible college is at the heart of Pastor Jean Paul and Souls Winning Ministries’ vision for the future of Haiti and its complete transformation through the preaching of God’s Word. However, the students attending the Bible college must leave their daily means of employment (which they and their families require to subsist) and cannot pay tuition for their studies. Souls Winning Ministries actually pays the students to attend their classes, as well as providing some materials and not charging any tuition.

For as little as $85, you can sponsor one of these Bible college students to attend a full week of classes and provide for his food and transportation. Each week of class is an intensive, so that when a full week is completed and the required exams and assignments passed, the student has completed a full three hours of their required curriculum. This small investment is a dynamic and strategic way to make a lasting difference, not only in the life of a Bible college student, but in the lives of the thousands of Haitians that student will affect with the Bible, once he is engaged in kingdom service.