About Reformation Hope

Currently, Reformation Hope is heavily engaged in project work in the Caribbean island nation of Haiti. Specifically, we are partnering with Souls Winning Ministries in an orphanage-school-microenterprise-church outreach to the northeast of Port-au-Prince (Marin/La Plaine), Jacmel, Cap Haitien, La Gonave, and other parts of the country. Rev. Jean Paul, Souls Winning’s founder, had a big kingdom vision to reach the entire Haitian populace with the hope of the Gospel. Reformation Hope works with the rising new generation of Souls Winning leadership in developing a nationwide network of churches and schools, and also partnering with churches across the border in the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo, Santiago, and the La Romana area.

Our Partner Agency

We are thankful to God for providentially uniting Reformation Hope with Jean Paul and his mission burden for the people of the island of Hispaniola in 2007. A native-born Haitian who was educated in the U.S. and held American citizenship, Jean Paul was formally received into the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) as an ordained minister of the Gospel in 2007 and ministered as an evangelist to a local congregation he planted in a community near Port-au-Prince. There are several hundred men, women, and children in regular attendance for weekly services at the Presbyterian Church of Marin. And the main church has planted five satellite congregations within a ten-mile radius. In addition, a network of 200 churches located throughout Haiti was developed around Pastor Paul’s leadership prior to his tragic murder on August 4, 2020. That network continues to grow stronger, and plans are in place to formalize a Haitian presbytery by the end of 2020.

Souls Winning Ministries provides food, education, and housing for 73 orphaned Haitian children. The ministry also provides help to Haitians desiring to start their own businesses, breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence, through a micro-finance development program. Reformation Hope strongly supports Souls Winning’s exciting vision to transform Haiti according to the Reformed faith and through providing real hope and help to younger generations of Haitians. One of its primary goals is to provide a quality education to the orphans housed at the New Joy House orphanage, as well as other Haitian children. Reformation Hope, Inc. recognizes the importance of this component of the long-term mission vision to transform Haiti. As a result, Reformation Hope partnered with Souls Winning in providing support for the construction of a large educational building on the compound near Port-au-Prince. The new school construction was completed in June of 2010. Thanks to an additional partner — Mission to the World — Reformation Hope and our Haitian brothers and sisters were also able to build a wonderful new church, which adjoins the education building on Souls Winning’s original compound.

Medical Clinic and Orphanage Added

In 2014, Reformation Hope assisted Souls Winning Ministries in building a medical clinic to serve the orphans and the local community. This facility now hosts a number of mission medical mission teams each year. And in January of 2017, the mission celebrated the opening of a new, expanded orphanage facility, named the New Joy House. The larger capacity of the New Joy House allowed the orphanage director, Jacky, to rescue more children from living on the streets.

Bible College

Souls Winning Ministries’ founder, Rev. Jean Paul, was involved in training Haitian pastors from early on in his ministry. Over time, that unstructured training developed into weekend intensive seminars and sometimes featured guest teachers from the United States. In 2015, Reformation Hope and Souls Winning Ministries developed a curriculum and a program for a bachelor’s degree in divinity and created a Bible college. The first class of 20 students has graduated and are working in pastoral leadership in churches through the 10 departments of Haiti. A new class of 20 students began in 2018. However, the progress of the class has been delayed and complicated by the recent civil unrest in the country.

Join Us!

There is great opportunity for the Gospel to be taught and proclaimed in this difficult island nation. Fervently pray for the spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ and the mighty work of God’s Holy Spirit in Haiti through our partners serving in Souls Winning Ministries. If you would like to invest in our work with the people of Haiti, giving is easy and there are a variety of projects or sponsorships available.