Bringing Gospel Transformation to Haiti

Help a Bible


Eighty-five dollars per month, supports one Bible college student for a year of study.

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Help Build a
New Church


Every $50 places a block into place in the new multi-use church building in Jacmel, Haiti.

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Sponsor an


Eighty-five dollars per month fully supports a child; providing food, clothing, housing and school.

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Better Health


Every $25 investment in our medical clinic enables a Haitian to receive a full medical checkup.

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“Where is Haiti’s hope being restored and who is God using to rebuild it? While the conditions throughout the country remain bleak, unstable, and discouraging to the casual observer or aid worker, the missionaries and ministers who continue to answer the call to serve in Haiti see instead a nation whom God has prepared to receive the certain hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Reformation Hope is committed to continuing the recovery of Hope in Haiti through advancing the Gospel, ministering mercy to immediate physical needs, and equipping the people of Haiti to sustain themselves in the future.”
—excerpt from Hope for Haiti

About Us

Reformation Hope is heavily engaged in project work in the nation of Haiti. Specifically, we are partnering with Souls Winning Ministries. The founder of this ministry had a big kingdom vision to reach the entire Haitian populace, by developing a nationwide network of churches and schools, and partnering with churches across the border in the Dominican Republic.

Our Mission

The mission of Reformation Hope, Inc. is to bring Christ-centered transformation, opportunity, and hope to disadvantaged people all over the world through the application of Reformed Faith principles and material assistance, impacting orphanages and childcare, education, healthcare, food resources, water supply, and micro-enterprise business development.

Our Vision

Wherever the Gospel is planted and takes root, wherever truth and compassion displace ignorance and hatred, wherever future hope is firmly rooted in the here and now, there will be kingdom transformation in individuals, communities, and entire nations. Reformation Hope seeks to serve Christ and serve others as an agent of multinational kingdom hope and opportunity.

Ways to Serve


Build a Church | Maintain an Orphanage | Medical Assistance


Support an Orphan | Support a University Student | Education for a Bible College Student


Pray | Church Mission Trip | Medical Missions

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