New Joy House Orphanage

Reformation Hope, Inc., in partnership with Reformation D’Espoir D’Haiti and Souls Winning Ministries, provides support for approximately 73 orphans. The orphans typically receive three meals per day, schooling, Bible instruction, clothing, shelter, and check-ups at our medical clinic. We estimate the cost for care per orphan to be $85.00 per month. This is an incredible value for our donor partners’ investments when you consider that unlike other child sponsorship programs, our Souls Winning orphans receive care every day throughout the entire year.

Reformation Hope offers its donors the opportunity to support Haitian orphans on a monthly basis. Full sponsorship for an orphan is $85.00 per month. Using the navigation tool to the right, you may select an available child to sponsor. We also pledge that funds you designate for orphan support will be used in Haiti for food, education, clothing, healthcare, or shelter for the children, as well as for the salaries of those who cook, clean, and act as house parents at the orphanage. The orphans of Souls Winning Ministries also benefit from regular visits by mission teams from the United States, who provide vacation Bible schools, English language training, music lessons for voice and instrument, soccer (football) camps, basketball camps, sports clinics, arts, jewelry, crafts, and occasional field trips to Haiti’s beautiful coast.

Now that the New Joy House orphanage construction has been completed and the children have moved into their new home, Souls Winning Ministries plans to gradually increase the number of children cared for in the program from 73 to 95. In the meantime, work continues throughout the compound, completing: the gardening areas, decorative landscaping, and the volleyball and football (soccer) for the children’s recreation.

If you are interested in a commitment to provide for one or more of the orphans, simply click on the Easy Tithe link below, or you may contact us by email or by telephone, 404-771-9180, and we will provide you with further details or other giving methods. Together, we can provide hope and encouragement to these precious children, who are completely dependent upon the ministry and opportunities made available by Reformation D’Espoir D’Haiti.

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