Medical Missions

All mission team travel to Haiti is currently on hold due to safety and security concerns.

If you are interested in other ways to help the medical clinic ministry in Marin, please read the report about the overview, the new staff and the pharmaceuticals and equipment in greatest need. Or consider making a monetary donation

Our ministry partner in Haiti, Souls Winning Ministries, operates a 5,000 square foot medical clinic, which serves the communities of La Plaine, including Marin, and receives an average of 20 patients per day. We welcome medical mission teams, or medical professionals coming as part of larger teams, to come and labor alongside our Haitian staff as they promote better healthcare in central Haiti.

We encourage potential teams to contact our U.S. doctor advisors, Dr. Wiley Smith and Dr. Richard Kennedy, who have been instrumental in the establishment of this medical clinic and who continue to be actively involved in its operations and administration as healthcare consultants.

One of the primary healthcare crises in Haiti is infant mortality and morbidity among expectant mothers, who are unable to get access to medical professionals or even to midwives. The medical clinic in Marin seeks to target this threat to mothers and children in Haiti and will eventually be a part of the nation–wide network on clinics addressing infant mortality and pregnancies with complicating features. This initiative is being lead at the national level by an organization called Bethesda, that will be constructing a state-of-the-art teaching hospital at Port Lafito, just a 30-minute drive up the coast from the Souls Winning medical clinic.

Even if you are not a medical professional, there are ways that you can assist in the clinic’s important, life-saving work. Prayer is essential for this work to go forward, as is financial sponsorship of the clinic. And for as little as $25, donors can facilitate a Haitian from the local community receiving treatment at the clinic.