New Joy House Children Celebrate Christmas 

The Souls Winning caregivers, and the boys and girls of New Joy House, enjoyed a wonderful Christmas celebration thanks to your support in the month of December. The children received quite a feast, some treats, and some presents as well. You can enjoy some of the celebration through the photos taken by Jacky Philidor. Even though 2021 was an often difficult season for our Haitian loved ones, the love of God for us in the gift of Jesus Christ, His Son, remains the constant source of greatest joy for the New Joy House children. These children are truly thankful for all of you and for your prayers and financial support, which provide them with real help and remind them constantly of the lasting hope they have by faith in Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Now is the perfect time to further our work with these children by becoming a monthly New Joy House sponsor. As little as $85 each month helps us feed, clothe, house, and care for one of the children involved in the New Joy House.