A Call to Rebuild From Pastor Jean Paul

He is Jesus, our Creator, our King, our God. We are blessed to be called His servants. Greetings to you. I am going to try to be as fast as I can, for they don’t give us much time even if we want to pay for it.

Before we begin, I would like to state that it is not safe to use the road from the Dominican Republic to enter Port au Prince, for all the prisons are broken and all the kidnappers and the bad people are back on the street. The U.S. Marines are in Haiti, but they are in Port au Prince, so there is not much security on that road. Therefore, please wait until I believe it is ok, because we have to be prudent.

I believe that it is getting better regarding death, for today is the second day yet without corpses to recover. it is now a total of 231 deaths and 6 missings regarding our congregation.

Now is the most urgent need for our people. We need funds to feed people for at least 15 days and we are talking about a lot of people. This is our need now starting Friday. The Marines are going to secure the banks and we can receive wire transfer. We need: $5,000 for food, $2,000 for medicine, and because our dump truck has no tires, we need $2,000 to remove the debris from the church construction to make the lot ready again for construction. We now have more people than we can ever know what to do with. God was using this situation to bring more than 1,500 new souls to Him, among them 23 voodoo priests. We would like to be a real center for life, where any one can come and find life. All the denominations are getting ready to start building because, life must go one. We already worked last night on a different plan of construction with metal top that will be lighter, for Haiti only constructs for big winds and flood but did not foresee earthquake. Now we want to built an earthquake-resistant building. Please continue to ask for donations for there are not many church buildings that are standing and we trust God to be one of the first rebuilt, and He is going to use the RHI to do it. We thank you for all the prayers and all the love for us. What a blessing to be Christ servants. Brothers and sisters, let’s do it for our King.

In Him,
Pastor Jean Paul