Atlanta Private School Seeking to Raise $50,000 for Reformation Hope in Haiti!

The Heiskell School in Atlanta, Georgia is also raising support for our orphans in Haiti! There are three fundraising projects scheduled:

1) Seeds of Hope for Haiti — Children may write a business plan and the school will provide them with a loan of $10 as “seed money” for their business.

One seven-year-old daughter sold hot chocolate and received $142 in donations. They are believing that each child will be this successful!

2) Casual for a Cause — children and teachers may make a donation for the opportunity to dress casually for school.

3) Treasures of Hope for Haiti — A flea market on February 20 from 9–2 p.m. at the Heiskell School.

Some ways you can help are; volunteering your time, contributing items to sell, and publicizing the event.