Increasing Engagement Despite the Challenges

Pastor Paul has recorded two videos which are linked below, urging us all to increase our engagement with our Haitian brothers and sisters. Even though there are many difficulties associated with the kingdom work there, we must not turn away from the dynamic and crucial work that God has called us to undertake in partnership with the Haitian church. Whether or not we are able to regularly travel to Haiti this year or not, our projects, ministries, and future vision remain firmly in place and on the table. The virtual classroom plans have been released (see image above), and the container with the necessary construction materials and also a shipment of donated food and furniture items will be sent this summer. There is a great need still for a church and multi-use facility to be built in Jacmel. The Souls Winning Ministries’ New Joy House orphanage, our school, and our medical clinic continue to meet serious needs, and so salary support for the orphanage staff, the school teachers, and the medical professionals are a regular monthly requirement in order to continue. The Bible college students must have support in order to attend their week-long classes and plans are developing to continue their Bachelor of Divinity program using the new virtual classroom, should travel to Haiti by professors in the future remain a challenge. There are so many very significant ministries still in full swing, and even with greater demands upon their services, which need your support at this difficult time.
Please check out the new videos from Pastor Paul released today and prayerfully consider helping us move forward and increase our Gospel engagement in Haiti, despite the many challenges.