Status of Haiti: April 2019

Pastor Jean Paul, director of Souls Winning Ministries and a Reformation Hope partner in Haiti, was recently in the United States to present the mission in Haiti at a conference hosted by Midway Presbyterian Church in Powder Springs, Georgia. Rev. Paul took some time to record a personal report for partners and supporters in the U. S. concerning the latest conditions in Haiti. His report includes hope as things are presently calm in most of the villages and cities around the country. This is encouraging news, as there have been a steady series of civil protests, roadblocks, violence, and bloodshed since conflict erupted in the summer of last year between the current government and opposition forces. The source of the conflict was primarily the findings that officials of the previous and current governments were involved in the mishandling of some two billion dollars of savings on the cost of oil imports. This money was supposed to benefit the people of Haiti. Instead, it is claimed that much of these funds were syphoned off by political elites. Since the government’s own auditors seem to confirm these allegations, the people of Haiti have demanding the current president step down. As he has steadfastly refuse to do so, the opposition political parties have organized protests for the past ten months, often virtually shutting the country down.

Yet Jean reports that the upbeat, energetic flow of Haitian life has slowly returned to the streets and markets of the island nation. He also asks for continued prayer, financial support, and for volunteers to come to Haiti and partner with Reformation Hope and Souls Winning Ministries in order to bring kingdom transformation to Haiti. Opportunities abound from sponsoring an orphan or investing in church planting, to putting together a short-term mission team from your church to serve for from a few days to a couple of weeks at one of Souls Winning’s locations.