Support for Our Haitian Orphans Pouring In From All Over the Americas!

We have been overwhelmed with excitement and joy from all those of you who have sent donations, offered support, and organized collections of relief supplies for our children in Haiti! Help has been sent from places like Washington State, Toronto, Trinidad and Tobago.

We have been especially encouraged by Joe Wright, a real estate man in New Jersey, who has single-handedly organized a shipping container and food/water drive in Hamilton. Joe is the proud father of nine children. Yet he tells us that all he can think about when he looks at his children is the orphans in Haiti who are starving and in need of water and shelter. Our thanks to you, Joe, and to all the others who are making a real difference for the people of Haiti.

Location for Relief Supply Drive:

691 Route 130
Hamilton, New Jersey
(Across from the shopping mall and Harry’s Army Navy)

Relief Supply Drive

Joe Wright inside the shipping container on the first day of his relief drive for Haiti.