Bible College Class Resumes Studies as Civil Unrest Calms

As the largely unreported street violence and chaos in Haiti has subsided since Christmastime, Reformation Hope and Souls Winning Ministries have reopened the Bible college and resumed its class schedule for 2019. As of this newsletter’s release, the new bachelors students have begun a two-part series in church history. These two courses are being taught by a new visiting professor, Dr. Louis Ferreira, who holds two doctoral degrees and brings with him extensive prior teaching experience. Our Bible college administration hope to add additional professors to our teaching rotation, in order that our students receive very well-rounded training and exposure to a variety of teaching styles. Please pray for our students to be faithful in their studies and their ministries, as many of them already serve in various ways in their home churches.
Further classes this year are tentatively scheduled for February, March, May, July, and September. These courses involve the foundational content so essential to good biblical exegesis and preaching, such as covenant theology, God and man, Old Testament 1 (Genesis–Joshua), the Gospels, life and letters of Paul, and homiletics. A variety of professors are scheduled to teach these courses, including Rev. Ted Lester, Dr. Jim Carmichael, Rev. Martin Hawley, and Dr. Marc Harrington. We are always on the lookout for additional professors. If you have a Masters level, or above, theological education and would like to get involved, please contact our executive director, Martin Hawley, at or at 404–771–9180.
In addition to the second group of Bachelors students advancing through their curriculum this year, there are also three prior graduates who have excelled to the degree that our faculty have admitted them to the study of a Master of Arts in Theology (MAT). This degree requires the students to serve as teaching assistants to our visiting professors, providing course outlines in French, helping students to prepare for class exams, preparing advanced papers in the topics covered, and ultimately lecturing part of the time under faculty supervision. Part of their requirements will also include some basic introduction to biblical Greek and Hebrew. At the end of their studies, these young men will be required to submit a short thesis and to present and defend it orally before their peers and a faculty panel.