Carrying the Banner of Christ Forward in Haiti

For the past ten years, Rev. Jean Paul had been training up a new generation of Haitian Timothys to carry on the work of teaching the Bible, faithfully proclaiming the Lord Jesus, and wisely managing the various ministry areas of Souls Winning in Haiti. With the sudden passing into glory of Pastor Paul on August 4, 2020, the baton of leadership and the burden of lifting high the banner of Christ has now passed to these younger leaders. Reformation Hope, in conjunction with Jean Paul’s family, has already been establishing new lines of communication with the emerging Souls Winning leadership. An organizational plan has been provided to the Haitians as a recommendation for the way forward, helping ensure the continued smooth operation of the New Joy House orphanage, the medical clinic, the school, and the Bible college.

The new leaders of Souls Winning Ministries include men whose names you already know, especially if you or your church team have traveled to Haiti. Rev. Maxito Rafael, Rev. Osseille Joseph, Jacky Philadore, FanFan Paul, Junior Herntz, Schneider Louis, Wisnel Louissaint, and others. Of great significance and a great cause for praise, is also the increased involvement of Jean Paul’s children, Scarlie, Benz, Nathalie, and Ruth Amanda in the furthering of Pastor Paul’s kingdom vision for Haiti. In addition, Jean’s nephew Herve, who was like another son to Jean and who had spent much time in Haiti in the past with his uncle, will also take on greater involvement in the mission for Haiti. When added to the fact that there are now 19 fully-trained graduates of our Bible college spreading the Good News throughout Haiti, there is much cause for excitement for what God has in store for this work in the months and years ahead. All of us at Reformation Hope are encouraged that despite Jean Paul’s passing, the work of the Gospel in Haiti will not only go forward, but will also be multiplied and expanded in the years to come. We invite all of you who have been partners with us in this mission to continue your labors alongside us for the transformation of Haiti. And if you are just learning of the work in Haiti for the first time, we encourage you to prayerfully consider becoming involved through prayer, financial support, and helping us spread the word about what God has been doing and will be doing among the people of Haiti.