Pastor Cenet Joseph with some of the children from the school on la Gonâve.

Bringing the Gospel Hope to La Gonâve

L’île de la Gonâve is the large island off the western coast of the island of Hispaniola and is part of Haiti. It has a long but difficult history, partly due to the difficulty of taking a boat across the often choppy waters Canal Saint Marc, and partly because the water sources on the island are brackish, meaning all the water must be treated or brought in from the bigger island. Because of its relative isolation, la Gonâve has had very few Bible teaching churches, fewer still from our Reformed denominations. For many years, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church has ministered to people on la Gonâve, working from a base just across the Canal Saint Marc near Kat-Kalen, which houses the ferry terminal and is the closest jumping off point to reaching the island.

A couple of years ago, not long after graduating from our Bible college in Marin, Haiti, Joseph Cenet began the work of church planting on la Gonâve in the town of Anse-à-Galets. Joseph and his wife and niece still live in the Port-au-Prince area, which means that Joseph and his wife have to travel each weekend up the coast in order to take the rather dangerous ferry boat across to the island. They minister to a congregation of about 50 people, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Joseph and his wife, Cloteau Sagine were married in August of 2019. Although they do not yet have any children, they take care of Joseph’s niece, Yorline.

When we asked Pastor Joseph about why it was important for him to work with the people on la Gonâve, he replied: “Preaching the Gospel in la Gonâve is very important because many do not have the truth and Christ entrusted to us the Gospel of truth everywhere. Not only in la Gonâve but everywhere we are, we are obligated to preach the truth to free those who are in darkness and lead them to Christ.”

We ask you to pray for Pastor Joseph Cenet’s work on the island of la Gonâve and also consider supporting him and his church plant, as they face all kinds of spiritual and material hardships. Despite the obstacles, the hope of the Gospel is shining brightly on la Gonâve in the town of Anse-à-Galets.