Leadership Focus: Daniel Louissaint

Meet Haitian Pastor Daniel Louissaint

Pastor Daniel Louissaint
Pastor Daniel Louissaint

As we continue to introduce you to the men God has called to minister in our partner church network in Haiti, we want you to get to know Pastor Daniel Louissaint. Pastor Daniel worked with Rev. Jean Paul for about 20 years and he is now the number two pastor in the Marin Presbyterian Church, working with Pastor Osseille. Here is what Daniel would like you to know about his life and work:

I am Pastor Daniel Louissaint, Second Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Haiti, #2 Marin 26, rue Alix Dumas, Croix des Bouquets. I married my wife, Mirlande Agénis on December 4, 2004 and we have five children: four boys and one girl. I was ordained as a pastor in 2005 in the Mission of the Church of Théophile in Christ of Haiti. In my meeting with Pastor Jean Jacob Paul in 2001, I began to learn from him some truths that I did not know of before. So, in 2007 I started visiting the Presbyterian Church at Marin 26 where Pastor Paul was pastoring.

In 2012, Pastor Paul asked Bishop Jean Charle Wilvert, pastor of Théophile Church in Haiti, to join him at the Presbyterian Church in the Marin. I went into prayer and the Lord agreed that I should serve with Pastor Paul in the church. So, I officially joined the Marin Presbyterian Church on October 30, 2013, the last Sunday in October. During that time, Pastor Paul was being assisted by Pastor Osseille. Since then, Pastor Paul appointed me as the third pastor of the church.

I do not regret that I have served with Pastor Paul for these past 20 years. In 2017, at the request of Pastor Paul, I entered the theological school of the Reformation and continue attending to this day. Pastor Paul was a friend, a counselor, a seasoned theologian. Pastor Paul was someone who always considered others before ever considering himself. I salute all of you who partner with us through Reformation Hope. I salute all the leaders of Souls Winning Ministries. May the Lord bless us all and give us the means to preach the Gospel truthfully and accurately, just as Pastor Paul taught us.

Please be in prayer for Pastor Daniel, for pastors Osseille, Julot, Maxito, Cenet, Alix, and all the leaders involved in the church network in Haiti. They stand on the front lines of the fierce spiritual war taking place every day in Haiti.