The New Year Brings a New Management Structure in the Haitian Mission

In the weeks and months following the tragic death of Rev. Jean Paul, a transition in management and in organization has been taking place among our Haitian partners. As was the case when the Lord called Moses unto Himself and appointed Joshua to take on the leadership mantle and bring the people of God into the land of promise, so the Lord has provided the Haitian mission with several gifted leaders to follow in Pastor Paul’s footsteps. After extensive consultations and prayer, it was decided that the burden and the risks of leading all the Haitian ministries and projects was simply too much for one man. It was also evident that much more attention could be given to each part of the mission if there were more leaders, individuals who could devote themselves specifically to particular areas of the work.

The mercy ministry projects we often think of — the New Joy House, the primary and secondary schools, the medical clinic, the missions guest house, and the American Style Chicken restaurant will remain under the Souls Winning Ministries organizational umbrella. Taking over as the director for this ministry is Jocelyne Paul, Jean’s wife, who has a very good grasp of the people engaged in the day-to-day work and is well-acquainted with the difficulties of working in the Haitian culture. Jocelyne and the staff of Souls Winning Ministries will be assisted by a new management consultant, Herve Toussaint, a nephew (and virtually adopted son) of Pastor Paul. Other leaders whom Rev. Jean was developing are also stepping into greater responsibilities and we are very thankful to God for the relatively smooth transition thus far. Please keep these new leaders in your prayers.

Another development which we think is both significant and wise is that the Presbyterian Church of Marin (Jean’s mother church), the church network, the Reformed Academy (Bible College), and a potential vocational-technical school, will be administered by Rev. Osseille Joseph, and assisted by Rev. Daniel and the officers of the Presbyterian Church and the Reformed Academy. This branch of the mission in Haiti will also handle the ongoing development of a presbyterial body in the country and act as the liaison between the other churches in the network and Reformation Hope’s team in the U.S. We also hope to utilize Pastor Osseille as our regular contact for receiving updates on the work in Haiti and plan to bring him to the United States on a regular basis as we had previously done with Jean Paul. Please lift up Revs. Osseille and Daniel, as well as the church officers in Haiti in your prayers before God’s throne of grace and power.

The leadership in Haiti have also established a Jean Jacob Paul Foundation, which will serve to provide a limited amount each month in assistance to Haitian families connected to the church network or known through community relationships who are experiencing severe hardship. This mercy ministry effort will be primarily administered by Jean Francius Paul, Pastor Paul’s brother, who is also head of the security for Souls Winning Ministries.

As we begin this new year 2021, we are confident in God’s sovereignty and grace at work in the mission in Haiti and through its people. We are thankful to all of you for your support and hope that you will continue to partner with us as we continue the kingdom vision for the transformation of Haiti and the eternal salvation of many souls.