Happy new year! New Year's graphic with Haitian flag in one of the "o"s.

Happy New Year 2020 from Haiti!

Rev. Jean Paul and the staff of Souls Winning Ministries in Haiti pray that you all have a very blessed and prosperous New Year 2020. We thank you for supporting us throughout 2019, which was one of the most difficult years in Haiti’s recent history. For much of the year, the country was virtually closed for business, school, and access to medical care. Throughout the recent Christmas season, the constant rounds of protests and disruptions were put on hold, and things returned to some degree of normalcy. For this respite Haitians on both sides of the conflict have been thankful. Haiti also celebrates its Independence Day on January 1, as well as the new year. The concern, however, is that civil unrest and violence may return as the holiday season fades into the past and anxiety over food and fuel shortages reaches a boiling point again. Jean is asking for prayers for continued calmness in the country and for a resolution of the political stalemate, so that life can return to normal and Haitians can return to work and to school. Please pray for our Haitian brothers and sisters and their testimony of the goodness and grace of God as they seek to serve others in their communities. As we begin this new year of hope and promise, we give thanks to God for all of you and your faithful partnership and prayers for this mission.