New Haitian Presbytery to Officially Begin September 19–20

An extremely impactful and historic event will take place in Haiti on Thursday and Friday, September 19–20, as long as the internal situation is reasonably stable. On those two days, elders and other church officers seeking to become elders will gather, representing churches from most of the major regions in Haiti. Together, they will inaugurate a new denomination and presbytery in Haiti, which will unite these churches together in common kingdom purpose, fellowship, and discipleship. Through this church culture-transforming association, the barriers and divisions between individual congregations in Haiti will be torn down and these local bodies of Christ will begin to unite together for their shared kingdom purpose in reaching the nation of Haiti. We are thankful that Reformation Hope, along with Mission to the World, and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, have been permitted the privilege to be involved in this important work of nearly three years, which will culminate on September 19–20 with the launch of this new presbytery.