Back-to-School in Haiti Campaign

It is back-to-school time in the U.S. But next month it will also be time for the opening of the school calendar in Haiti. Many of you know that we have partnered with Souls Winning Ministries to establish an expanded school, covering all the grades from K–12. Pastor Paul has succeeded in attracting some tuition-paying students, who help defray part of the cost of teacher salaries, utilities, and necessary supplies. However, at the present time there is not enough tuition revenue for the school to be self-sustaining. We are very much in need of special giving, designated to support the opening of the new school year in Haiti in September. Jean Paul must pay teachers and purchase supplies prior to the official first day of classes, and money is in short supply right now after a long, difficult, and low giving season. Please consider making an investment in quality, Christian education for our orphans and for the wider community in La Plaine-Marin today.

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