Ongoing Violence Periodically Disrupts Daily Life

Rev. Jean Paul reports that the tide of civil unrest and street violence continues to ebb and flow in Haiti in July. The most challenging places are the largest population centers of Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitian. Prices for food, fuel, and other basic commodities continue to be essentially double previous levels and the black market continues to proliferate in the chaotic conditions. Jean reports that everyone in Souls Winning Ministries is managing and unharmed. Prices are high and funds are not abundant so it is tough, but no one has been harmed since Jean’s niece and her husband were gunned down in May outside a local bank. Pastor Paul urges us to be in daily prayer for the situation in Haiti, for continued protection for God’s people in Haiti, for the conflict between the political factions to be resolved, and for God to raise up a godly and ethical government for the island nation.

Photo Credit: Mileshko Creative Group