Our Brother is Alive and Well As Are All of the Orphans

I have just spoken with Jean Paul via a satellite phone. This rare opportunity to call was offered to him by some journalists who are using his rental home as a place to regroup between story gathering. His rental home survived the devastation — the only home apparently in his neighborhood — praise the Lord.

The sad news is that the church has lost already some 211 members including many children, and Jean expects that the death toll will rise in the days ahead.

The new education building is destroyed, but if I understood correctly the old house on the compound remains completely intact. There is rubble everywhere. Jean says that only one in every four houses remains standing in the surrounding neighborhoods.

We give all thanks and praise and glory to God for delivering Jean Paul, his staff, and the orphans, and for the opportunity this disaster provides for Jean to faithfully declare the good news of Jesus Christ to so many who are hurting.

Our board is working on our emergency relief and response for the people of Haiti. In the meantime, please pray for Jean’s ministry and strength. And for all the families we love who have suffered losses and will face a long and grueling time of recovery. Jean will get back to us soon with more details as to needs and those matters of greatest urgency.

May the Lord bless all of you and continue to use you as Christ’s family in building His kingdom and restoring hope to the people of Haiti!

In Christ, Rev. Martin Hawley