Earthquake Hits Haiti

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

January 12, 2010

Many of you already know about the massive earthquake which hit Port-au-Prince Haiti on January 12, around 5 p.m. Reports are still sketchy although it is expected that there is massive structural damage in the capitol and the communities nearby. I am trying to reach Jean Paul via cell phone but am having no success in getting through. As massive as the damage is, it is likely that most if not all electrical power is out, aside from portable generators. Likely cell phone towers have also been affected.

Our ministry possesses its own generator and can run for some time as a source of power. The main concern beyond loss of life for our own people on the ground, will be two specific things:

1) Availability of safe and accessible food and water.
2) Potential threat to personal safety and property due to looting, rioting, and other civil unrest brought about by the devastation.

Our prayer must be to the Lord Most High, who is sovereign over all things and works all things together (even horrendous tragedies) for our good and His glory, that He will once again protect our brothers and sisters and provide for them during this time. Also, that we will be able to respond to this crisis as a ministry team, once we know the extent of the disaster and how it has affected our people.

Let me assure you that we will keep trying to connect with Jean Paul. In the meantime, the very best thing that all of you can do is:

1) To pray frequently and fervently for the mercies of God in Christ for our orphans, our minister Jean Paul, the entire ministry team laboring with him, and all our fellow believers in Christ in Haiti.
2) Consider making a special gift during the next seven days specifically for relieving the suffering among the Haitians and within the neighborhood where we serve. We do not know the extent of our own Souls Winning losses, but we would be wise to anticipate this need for emergency assistance and be prepared to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters as soon as possible.

May the Lord bless all of you and may He use you mightily as prayer warriors in the days ahead. Let’s remember how mightily the Lord delivered our brothers and sisters during the massive hurricanes and flooding in 2008. Let us remember the Lord’s amazing provision He has repeatedly made for this ministry in the past. And let us ever and always glorify and thank Him for His goodness — even as we beseech Him for immediate and powerful intervention in the present.

In Christ,
Rev. Martin Hawley