Leadership Focus: Pastor Osseille Joseph

Many of you know Rev. Osseille Joseph from his visits with us here in the United States. Osseille served as Pastor Jean Paul’s assistant for many years, working alongside Jean since the earliest days of his ministry. Since the tragic death of Pastor Paul, Osseille has taken on many of the responsibilities in Marin, Haiti involving the church, the church network, and the Bible college. Osseille is married and has a daughter named Sarah, who has just begun her first year of school. She is already learning English quickly, like her father. Pastor Osseille was one of our top graduates from the Bible college and will now be involved in facilitating the up-and-coming classes of theology students. We also expect him to have a leadership role in the formation of the new presbytery of churches in Haiti. You will be able to hear Osseille in his own words soon, as during his recent U.S. visit our communications partner, the Mileshko Group, was able to create some recorded messages from him. Osseille asks us to give to all of you his warmest Christmas greetings and thanksgivings to you for all of your prayers, financial and material support, and your many volunteer hours.