Skyrocketing Food and Fuel Costs

Rev. Paul reports that at the moment violence in Haiti is more contained and limited to the major urban areas of Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haïtien. While things are fairly calm in the immediate neighborhoods where the Souls Winning compounds are located, there continue to be significant problems with skyrocketing fuel and food costs, which are further exacerbated by the thriving black market in the country. With the dramatically inflated prices for food, fuel, and even medicines, the ministry is hard-pressed to cover its regular monthly costs of operation and its ministries of mercy to those in desperate need in the surrounding community. Souls Winning Ministries depends upon all of our partners in the U.S., who give through Reformation Hope, to continue serving our Haitian brothers and sisters, as well as those in the wider neighborhoods who may be open to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Please consider giving to help cover the inflated fuel and food costs.