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The Current Situation In a Very Troubled Nation

Pastor Jean Paul reports that the violence and terror and chaos have increased in Haiti during the past three weeks. Right outside the Souls Winning main compound in La Plaine, nine people have been killed in recent days. Jean has increased his security forces around the orphanage compound. With all of the street barricades and lack of fuel throughout the country, everything is at a standstill. Pastor Paul shares that everything his ministry does, other than orphan care, is now shut down until the situation stabilizes. Because of the many roadblocks, Jean can no longer travel to the Dominican Republic in order to buy food, which is almost impossible to find within Haiti. Things have reached all new lows, not only within the major cities, but now all over the country as well. Pastor Paul calls on us all to pray for order to be restored and for a godly, ethical government to be put into place, as well as for this most severe era of suffering for the Haitian people to come to an end quickly.