Continued Instability in Haiti

Reports continue to come in from our Haitian partners at Souls Winning Ministries of the continued sporadic street protests and ongoing political instability on the ground in the country. Because of the more than 200% increase in kidnappings, which now include foreigners, as well as the uncertainty of Coronavirus travel restrictions for this summer, we have again decided against planning for mission trips in 2021. While we regret having to take this step, our primary concern is for your safety and that of our Haitian hosts. It remains difficult even for Haitian citizens to safely travel between cities at this time.

The current president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, continues to maintain that he is entitled to one further year in office, and this interpretation of Haitian election law has been affirmed by the Organization of American States (OAS) as well in recent statements. While the United States has also expressed support for President Moïse continuing his term, our government has also called for the prompt return of democratic institutions and the restoration of an independent judiciary. You can read the U.S. statement, by Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis, Acting Alternate Representative for Special Political Affairs concerning the situation in Haiti.