May Was a Busy Month of Ministry in Jacmel

Despite all of the chaos, devaluation of the Haitian currency, and very danger for Haitians when traveling outside of their own neighborhoods, the local congregation in Jacmel, on Haiti’s south coast, have been busy in doing the work of the kingdom. Ministries include home visitation, youth leadership development, spiritual and cultural gatherings, evangelism, and evangelistic …

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Leadership Focus: Pastor Maxito Raphaël

While the Souls Winning Ministries mother church, the Presbyterian Church of Marin, Haiti, was celebrating Reformation Sunday and the 10th anniversary of the rebuilding after the devastating 2010 earthquake, the daughter church in Jacmel also celebrated Reformation Sunday and their eighth anniversary as a Presbyterian congregation in this once-vibrant tourist destination. Rev. Jean Paul worked …

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Haiti and COVID–19

We wanted to update our mission partners on how the Covid-19 pandemic affects our Souls Winning Ministries projects and programs in Haiti. With all of the difficulties and distractions we are all facing here in the United States, it can be easy for us to forget about the great impacts about to hit Haiti through the …

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Bible College Resumes Bachelor’s Classes

We are delighted to report to you that our Bible college in La Plaine resumed classes this week with Dr. Louis Ferreira, from Teaching Missions International, engaging the class with Biblical Theology I. Our plan is to conduct regular classes throughout 2020 as the timing and availability of professors will allow. Rev. Ted Lester, our own …

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How Did Reformation Hope Get Started? Learn More on Cherokee Talk Christian Radio

Pastor Martin Hawley, executive director of Reformation Hope Inc., tells interviewer Donna Kosicki how Reformation Hope got started and where it is now. Pastor Hawley also talks about the future: the newest class of students at the Bible college, the newly-formed Presbyterian denomination, and most recent church plant on the island of La Gonave. “Cherokee …

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Cherokee Talk Interviews Jean Paul and Martin Hawley

Donna Kosicki interviews Pastor Jean Paul and Pastor Martin Hawley about Reformation Hope’s ministry work in Haiti. Feel free to share with friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, and supporters. “Cherokee Talk” — Local interviews that inform, educate, and inspire daily. This interview was first aired on Wednesday 6/6/18 at 7 a.m. WPCG/Grace Radio 102.9 | GraceFMcanton.com

Earthquake Hits Haiti

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, January 12, 2010 Many of you already know about the massive earthquake which hit Port-au-Prince Haiti on January 12, around 5 p.m. Reports are still sketchy although it is expected that there is massive structural damage in the capitol and the communities nearby. I am trying to reach Jean …

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