Haiti and COVID–19

We wanted to update our mission partners on how the Covid-19 pandemic affects our Souls Winning Ministries projects and programs in Haiti. With all of the difficulties and distractions we are all facing here in the United States, it can be easy for us to forget about the great impacts about to hit Haiti through the

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Increasing Engagement Despite the Challenges

Pastor Paul has recorded two videos which are linked below, urging us all to increase our engagement with our Haitian brothers and sisters. Even though there are many difficulties associated with the kingdom work there, we must not turn away from the dynamic and crucial work that God has called us to undertake in partnership

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Flag of Haiti

Update on Situation in Haiti 

We are saddened to report that kidnappings are on a steep rise in Haiti right now. Lately, these kidnappings have included U.S. citizens. The kidnappers work in highly organized groups, targeting people based upon close observation and on-line intelligence. These gangs are very sophisticated and more heavily armed than the Haitian National Police. Victims are taken to

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Time to Reengage Haiti

Last year was an extremely difficult one for our Haitian brothers and sisters. But it was also difficult for Reformation Hope, as we were unable to engage our Haitian partners through mission trips, building projects, teaching trips, or presbytery development, as we would have under normal circumstances. We thank God that the situation on the ground

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